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Mankovice [ Village or Town/City ]

'The village of Mankovice is situated at the southern end of the Poodří (Odra River surrounding) Protected Landscape Area. Owing to its size, Mankovice is among little villages, however, due to its history, it is one of important villages within the area.
After separating from the town of Odry and becoming independent, in 1990, the village of Mankovice started to build a water duct, which was one of the things that had been missing the most in the village. The water-duct construction was the first task for the local authority, which has succeeded in completing that task. At present, the village has the water duct in its possession and under its control; 80% of the village houses are connected to the water duct. The next task for the local authority was to build a gas duct in the village, and the local authority succeeded in completing that task in 1997 - 1998; due to the task had been completed, the air quality has improved in the village. Despite lying within the Poodří Protected Landscape Area, the village has not yet succeeded in obtaining a grant (from a national fund) to build a sewerage within its area. The independent village work is successful in other areas as well. The village annually arranges a Newborn Welcome celebration where a 100-% attendance is usual. In addition, Golden Wedding celebrations take place at the local authority building. At the local authority, the residents' over-90th anniversary celebrations take place as well.

In the village, grassy areas are mown and maintained on a regular basis. In the village forest, maintenance and tree planting are performed according to a forest plan. The village intends to build a public area with a multi-purpose playing field and outdoor table-tennis table for the young people to engage in sports and entertain. In the village, the cemetery is under adaptation, the St John of Nepomuk monument (a National Cultural Memorial) has been repaired and local chapels are repaired as necessary. Depending on its financial possibilities, the village contributes to the repair of another National Cultural Memorial - the Church of the Virgin Mary Visitation. Certainly, the list is not complete. However, any that supports depend on the amount of funds, which, that for large projects in particular, the village is lacking.

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