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Kamenka [ Cadastral territory ]

Kamenka spreads out 8 km north of Odry along the street from Odry to Vítkov at the elevation above sea-level of 542 m. Kamenka was first mentioned in 1632. It always belonged to the demense of Odry - as late as 1848. Originally in conserned two villages - Big Kamenka and Small Kamenka. In 1604 the village was connected to dispite of retainers with lords of Zvole with complaint of new corvée to the court in Kamenka. Originally German settlement, in 1850 Kamenka consisted of 653 inhabitants, in 1950 after finishing of settlement 245 inhabitants, in 2002 it was 219 inhabitants.
In Kamenka there are kindergarten, public library, Volunteer fire company with firehouse, volleyball playground with children's corner in the middle of the village. Grange Church of the Holy Trinity dates back to 1828. From 1946 a memorial to soldiers killed in the World War II comes. In 1995 and 1996 six objects of small church architecture (crosses by the roads and in the fields were renovated.
Kamenka with its surroundings is situated in a quit region, west of the village there is State natural monument at Čermenka (1989). In the local part there is protected yew-tree from the 13th century and another two protected trees (from that one sycamore) are situated 0,5 km behind the village. In the surroundings there affect wild boars, fallow and mouflon animals as well as big game. In the 16th century there was most likely born one of the translators of Bible of Kralice (1579 - 1596) Mikuláš Albrecht from Kamenka.
On the village sealing-stick, acquisted in 1717 and used still in the last century, there was portrayed vertically stood shovel between two palm sprays.


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