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Herbal vapour Bylinka [ Sauna ]

Herbal vapour "Bylinka®” is very useful for relaxation and releasing procedures. Beyond it has a lot of beneficial effects. It can be used in sport clubs for athletes after the training.
Inside the temperature reaches 40°C with higher moisture, where the body is vaporised except the head, which one is on the bed.

Next usage of "Bylinka®”:
- application of medical mud’s
- stimulation and relaxing wrappings
- usage of bathing mad and wrapping
- mud masks and cosmetics treatments
- Application of ice wrapping
- slimming wrappings and against cellulite

Individual procedures:

- herbal vapour
- by the help of medical herbs (chamomile, balm, thyme and eventually mint) warming up of the organisms, it helps to globally relax the body and clean off impurities.
- herbal inhalation
- effect of inhalation we can achieve by covering over your head with the towel, this procedure is leaving free respiratory system, sinuses, bronchia and the lungs, vapour herbs has very good effect for the skin on the face and rejuvenescent it, by using the salt from Dead Sea we achieve effect of healthy seaside climate.

Effects of warm vapour:
- stimulation of blood circulation
- relieve of muscle tension, elimination of spasm
- elutriation of toxicant from the body
- positive effect for the production of new cellules in your skin
- cleaning, increasing of tinting and elasticity of the skin
- by congestion you can loose feeling of tiredness, stresses and depressions
- harmonization of the whole body

- febricity states
- skin diseases
- difficulties with respiratory system
- pregnancy


Ing. Ladislav Hollý
Dukelská 566
742 42 Šenov u Nového Jičína
Czechia (CZ)
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Type: Sauna
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