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Kojetín u Starého Jičína [ Cadastral territory ]

A part of the town Nový Jičín.

Kojetín is a village situated 4 km from Nový Jičín, spread out in a col between the hills Svinec and Hůra. It is first mentioned in 1499. It belonged to the Lordship of Starý Jičín. An integrated village, a recreational area of the town. You will find here a ski running track with a ski-lift and a chalet.

Stop no. 9 - Kojetín (crossroads), Palacký nature trails
(altitude 469 m)

Next we will come to the crossroads of the Kojetín village which spreads out in a col between the hills Svinec and Stranický kopec.

According to legends, the village was founded by Kojata (the tradition says he was one of eleven jacks who served on the Starý Jičín castle). The first written document dates back to 1497. Kojetín belonged to the Lordship of Starý Jičín. Its inhabitants were educated in Starý Jičín as well, because the first school wasn't established here until 1905. The inhabitants lived upon agriculture, mainly livestock breeding. On 1st of September 1974 the village became a part of the town Nový Jičín.

Over Kojetín on the southern side in direction to Straník a swell called Požaha rises, which is a prehistoric settlement where a few elements of Hallstatt and Laten culture were found. Other elements show that there was a Celtic workers' settlement here.

The well-known Kojetín native is František Hrachovec, born in 1867, a wood-carver, who taught at the vocational school specialized in wood processing in Valašské Meziříčí and the sculptor Josef Bezděk, born in 1906, who got through the School of Applied Arts and realized many expositions of his work on many places of our country.

Stopping in Kojetín means for a visitor the possibility of breaking the nature trail and continue another day. You can also go back to Nový Jičín by bus (from the terminal bus stop situated at the crossroads, or you can walk. You will go past the Čerťák water basin where you have the possibility of refreshments in a garden restaurant "Čertův mlýn (Devil's mill)".

There is another possibility (on the nature trail) when you stand at the crossroads in Kojetín to turn right in the direction of Jičina and Starý Jičín and visit the ruine of the Starý Jičín castle (follow the yellow-marked path). Starý Jičín lies on the route of long distance coach lines.

Please do not forget to see a marked memorable field maple tree which grows up by the road over the dam. The field maple tree is our original wood species. It grows very slowly and therefore it was displayed from production forests. With regard to its general character it is one of the oldest specimen in the North Moravia.



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