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František Palacký´s Nature Trail Relating to Natio [ Nature trail ]

František Palacký’s Nature Trail Relating to National History and Geography
The beginning: Nový Jičín - Janáček’s Park
The end: Domoraz Saddle
Length: 11.5 km
Number of stops: 21
Orientation: relating to national history, geography and nature
Type of trail: a footpath
Demandingness: easy to medium
Time needed for the tour: 4 - 5 hours
Marking: signs, information boards

The course of the route:
The nature trail starts in Janáček’s Park in Nový Jičín and leads through Skalky, Svinec, Kojetín, Straník and Hostašovice to the railway station at Hostašovice, which is one of the many starting points for trips to Moravskoslezské Beskydy.

Along the 11.5 km long nature trail there are 21 information boards, which inform the visitors of the places of interest in their proximity and draw the visitors’ attention to wonderful views of the environs. In nice weather you can see the Odry Hills, Jeseníky, the valley of the Moravian Gate up to the Hostýn Hills , the Vsetín Hills, Beskydy with Radhošť and Lysá hora (Bare Mountain), the northern part of the Moravian Gate up to Ostrava.

It is possible to turn off this trail at several places and go along marked as well as unmarked paths and see the described objects of interest in more detail. The longest part of the trail goes through the cadastral area of the village of Hostašovice. 8 information boards are located here, which testifies the fact that there are plenty of objects of interest worth attention in Hostašovice.

The overall camber of the trail is 252 m, the lowest place of the trail is Janáček’s Park at 294 m above sea level and the highest place is Svinec with the spot height of 546 m above sea level.

In 2002 the route of this nature trail relating to national history and geography was converted into a cycle path, which connects cycle paths passing through the Moravian Gate with cycle paths passing through Moravian Wallachia.

Layout of the information boards:
(all in all there are 21 stops with information boards along the route)

1. Holy Trinity Church in Nový Jičín
2. Smetana’s Park
3. Skalky
4. The nature park of Podbeskydí
5. Bellow Svinec
6. Svinec - the downhill course
7. The nature reserve of Svinec
8. "At a lime tree"
9. Kojetín(crossroads)
10. The natural monument of Picrite mandelstones near Kojetín
11. The saddle bellow Strážnice
12. A quarry with a little lake and the riverbed of the Stránický Stream
13. The natural monument of Pillow Lavas near Straník
14. The village of Straník
15. They way to the saddle of Vlčí hrdlo (Wolf’s Throat)
16. The panorama over Hostašovice
17. The village of Hostašovice
18. "U Hubů"
19. An invitation to Hodslavice
20. The natural monument of the Zrzávka Springs
21. The railway station at Hostašovice in the Domoraz Saddle




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