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St. Catherine's Church [ Church or cathedral ]

The church dedicated to St. Catherine dates from 1452. It was built on Renaissance foundations, and re-Gothicised during the reconstruction of 1932. St. Catherine's Church, the patron of which is a religious fund, stands on a rise near the school. It has three altars; the main altar with a picture of St.Catherine was built on the site of a statue of St. Catherine in 1868. The side altars are dedicated to St.Joseph and St.Ann. The pulpit and baptismal font come from the end of the 17th century. In the gallery there is an organ, which was consecrated in 1934. A legend connected with Trnávka has it that the inhabitants of the village buried the church bells in the ground at a time of religious rioting. In this way they had hoped to save them from enemies that would melt them into guns. The biggest bell is believed to be hidden to the present day because it was never discovered after the war. Today, there are three bells named Mary, Metoděj and Jan Sarkander ringing from the church tower.
Around the church runs a cemetery, where the dead citizens of Trnávka and Kateřinice dream their eternal dreams. Thanks to permission of the District Office, the cemetery, (where following a decision by the Municipal Council followers of different churches are buried side by side with atheists) has become enlarged since 1934. There is a mention in the parish chronicle of the parish in Trnávka dated 1452. Since 1650, this parish has been only a branch of the parish in Brušperk. The catholic parish was re-established in 1789, when the town got an independent priest. In 1868 the parish burnt down, but at the expense of the town and with religion funds it was repaired.

St.Catherine Parish church

Patron of the parish church:

Consecration date:
to 1933

Roman-Catholic TRNÁVKA


Kostel zasvěcený sv. Kateřině
742 26 Trnávka
Czechia (CZ)


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