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Natural Park Podbeskydí [ Natural Park ]

Natural park Podbeskydí with the area of 125 km2 was proclaimed in 1994 in the region of district Nový Jičín in the most noteworthy part of upland under Radhošť, which is represanted by Highlands of Štramberk with two different parts - Ženklava's and Hodslavice's one. Upland unter Radhošť reaches into the area of the district Frýdek - Místek and Nový Jičín. From the geomorfological point of view it was divided into three zones:

Along the northwestern edge of Moravia-Silesian Beskydy mountains there is distinctive furrow at the foot of the mountains of Veřovice, aroded in hell slates in Veřovice, that opens on the east by Frenštát pod Radhoštěm and Frýdlant nad Ostravicí into hollow.

In the area among Sedlnice, Příbor, Brušperk and Paskov there over the Moravian gate only mindly raises upland of Příbor, into which in the valleys and lower altitudes seep through Quaternary sediments of sands, gravel sands and loesses. In spite of considerable agricultural usage is this countryside varied thanks to scattered forest areas.

In the wide middle part a varied and at view extraordinarly beautiful Highlands of Štramberk spread out. In the western part (of Hodslavice) numerous hillocks and ridges of volcanic rock of picrits and tephrites, in the central part (of Ženklava) the peaks of limestone reefs of Štramberk play an important role in it.

To the east in the district Frýdek-Místek a group of pasha and godul sandstones projects, whose ridges (Palkovice's small mountains) surround the Kozlovice's hollow). An obvious exception from the surface of highlands performs the main ridge of Ondřejník with its peak Skalka (964 m).

Natural park Podbeskydí was established by the public notice of District Office of Nový Jičín and its mission is first of all conservation of country character, which is typical for this region, with a lot of localities, from which it is able to observe a development of Earth surface and geological history of the Earth but also with extraordinary species variability of live organisms and natural beauties. To protect these values certain restrictions are necessary. On the other hand the workers of conservationist and environmentalist organs were motivated by the efforts to get this extraordinarly pictoresque edge of the northeastern Moravia closer to the lovers of nature, natural beauties and tourism.

For this purpose the activities putting through in the area of natural park such forms of tourism, that won't influence in an unfavourable way the character of natural environment, are supported. Natural beauties and pictoresqueness of the countryside of this area are not toutistically evaluated enough. Visiting of this area is concentrated most of all in Štramberk and its near surroundings and Hodslavice - a birthplace of František Palacký. Even from this reason a nature trail relating to national history and geography of František Palacký from Nový Jičín to Domorazy's saddle (station Hostašovice).

Still sooner that this guide shows you round separate stoppings of the nature trail, let us look round what noteworthy more you can see in the area of the Natural park Podbeskydí and in the nearest surroundings, for example during your next visit.

Many localities deserve separate treatise, which is however beyond the possibilities of the guide of nature trail. That's why we can only briefly warn about sights, events and personalities, that are connected with the region of the Natural park Podbeskydí and its nearest surroundings.

We believe, that the pictoresque countryside of Podbeskydí charms even you and you will be going back not only in your memories.



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