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Memorable trees - Pavlík's linden and oak-tree [ Protected Tree ]

Names of the memorable trees: Memorable trees - Pavlík's linden and oak-tree
Sort of species: Small-leaved linden
Description of the locality: Both the trees grow up in the garden of estate, house Nr. 31 from the side of Zdravotnická street in Jakubčovice nad Odrou.
Cadastral territory: Jakubčovice nad Odrou
Elevation above sea-level: 314 m
Height of both the trees: 32 m
Circumference of trunks (in the height of 130 cm above the earth): 430 and 365 cm
Semi-diameter of protective zones: 13,7 and 11,6 m
Protective public notice: By resolution of Municipal office in Odry from 28th June 1999

Treating of both the memorable trees was made in 1999 by the owners thanks to dotation from the Programm of care of landscape of Department of the Environment, marking was made in 1999 by conservationists from Odry (70/13 ZO ČSOP Odry) thanks to financial contribution of the village Jakubčovice nad Odrou.


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